The Royal Family

I'm English and today a student asked me what I thought of the Royal Family...

Well, the Royal Family are generally loved, admired and respected, but what did they do to deserve this? They were all born or married into a certain family and if you believe in equal rights for every person, maybe you will think this is unjust.

On the other hand, in my opinion, they are treated no differently to any other famous celebrity family. As long as they have equal rights in law, I think this is acceptable, with the big added benefit that they do great marketing for the U.K. In fact, according to The British Tourist Authority, the Royal Family generates £500m in tourism every year!

But how much do they cost in tax to support?
a)  £62 per person per year
b)  £6.20 per person per year
c)  62p per person per year

The Royal Family cost  

per person last year.
  Source: The Telegraph