Writing Reports

A report is a formal document prepared by one person or a group of
people who studied a specific subject (e.g. The committee published a report recommending new drug tests for employees. A report is typically written for an informed reader who knows about the subject. 

There are two basic kinds of report:
·    The first provides information on a topic with a short conclusion or summary at the end. Example: a report on the educational system, writtten to help others research the subject.
·    The second identifies positive and negative points and makes recommendations for improvement. Example: a report on the library in a college written for the college presidentl.

Language and Style
Reports are impersonal, without personal opinions or feelings, except, perhaps, in the conclusion. Instead of I think that .. or I found that …, for example, use the impersonal “It” construction and a passive, e.g. It seems that … or It was found that
Avoid definite statements unless you are certain they’re true. Instead of saying It is, for example, use It could/might/may be or It seems to be … or It  tends to be.

Layout and Organization
Reports have a clear, factual title and, perhaps subtitles for different sections. The information is organized and presented clearly and logically, with a short introduction, to explain the objective and how the information was collected and a suitable conclusion, summarizing the information with recommendations, if necessary.