Getting on with phrasal verbs?

Does anyone get tired of phrasal verbs? Here are ten to practice. The definitions are at the end.

1Would you  my dog for me this weekend?
2My neighbour  eggs yesterday.
3 my leg at my baseball game.
4Our boss  our meeting until next week.
5Could you  the music while I'm on the phone.
6I don't  my new Science teacher.
7 meeting your new girlfriend.
8My car  on the highway today.
9It will be easier to read if you  the lights.
10I have to  to the finish line and back.

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look after
run out of
put off
get on with
look forward
break down
switch off

Every teacher has a different method to learn phrasal verbs. Here is one suggestion. Sometimes the adverb or preposition has a logic which helps to make an association. For example, look forward. The future is in front, the past is behind, so look forward is to see something in the future. Or break down.  If something is going down, it is not going forward. A car that is not going forward is not functioning correctly!