How to write a Business email

Do people respond to your emails the way you want?

Or do they ignore them, or miss important information?

And are you sure that you're making the best impression with your emails?

When you compose an email message, there are simple rules for you to make a positive impression, and get the response you want.

To find out more, watch this video.



  • Make the subject line like a newspaper headline to catch people's attention
  • Maybe, put everything in the subject line? Finish with eom (end of message) e.g. "Meeting today 5pm in my office eom"
  • Focus on one topic per email e.g. don't add information about different topics that people can miss, it's better to send separate messages
  • Say what you want e.g. "Please confirm by lunchtime today"
  • In conclusion, KISS! keep it short and simple