The 3000 Most Important Words in English

The simplest and fastest way to improve your English is to learn new words.

But which words?

A good place to start is the Oxford 3000, a list of the 3000 most important words to learn in English. The words were carefully selected by language experts and experienced teachers. They are important and useful.

But why these words?
The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary has 185,000 and every word is defined using these 3000. If you know these words, you can understand 185,000! They are a "core" for your English knowledge.

The Oxford Learner's Dictionaries site also has lists of important academic words, collective nouns, commonly misused words (difficult words), language study terms, new words, words from other languages, and a special list of 1000 words with pictures to help you understand and learn them.

What to do?
Visit Oxford Learner's Dictionaries and study the Oxford 3000. Check your knowledge, and select interesting and important words to learn. Write these words in your personal Wordbank. Review and recycle the new words every week. Finally, try the tips and exercises in the Oxford Vocabulary Trainer.

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