A Family Business


A historic day that one of the UK's biggest royal fans has been looking forward to.

Queen Elizabeth II has now overtaken Queen Victoria as the UK's longest-serving monarch. Victoria was on the throne for 63 years, seven months and two days.

Margaret Tyler, the self-styled 'queen of royal memorabilia', has turned her house into a shrine to Britain's royals.

Each room is dedicated to a member of the family. But Queen Elizabeth has two rooms all to herself.


overtaken gone past
longest-serving person in a position for the most amount of time
self-styled named by herself
memorabilia objects collected which are connected to an event or person
shrine (here) a place to pay respect to a person or institution


Use one of the words or phrases below to complete each of these sentences from news reports.

Note that you may have to change the form of a word to complete the sentence correctly.


1. South African police are investigating the raid of a church run by a _________ prophet accused of making his followers eat snakes, rats and hair.

2. The Hobbit has been _________ by Taken 3 at the top of the North American box office chart after spending three weeks in the top spot.

3. A postbox in Bristol has been turned into a _________ by people upset about a decision to remove it.

4. A firefighter who trained to follow in his father's footsteps is retiring after 47 years of service. Staffordshire Fire and Rescue service said Chris Thompson was the _________ firefighter in its history.

5. A collection of _________ devoted to George IV's only child Princess Charlotte, who died giving birth nearly 200 years ago, is to go on sale.

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