Meeting Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz will check your understanding of words that you learned on the meetings vocabulary page.

1. We ran out of time and were forced to a) allocate b) address c) adjourn the meeting.

2. If you have a a) commence b) comment c) formality please wait until Marie has finished speaking.

3. The board members couldn't come to a a) grievance b) designate c) consensus so they had to hold a vote.

4. Markus was away on business, so a) a show of hands b) an apology c) a proxy vote was assigned.

5. Before we a) wrap up b) strategize c) recommend I want to remind everyone to sign the attendance form on the way out.

6. In his a) final agenda b) last ballot c) closing remarks the chairman thanked everyone for doing such a good job this month.

7. I'll a) verify b) commence c) brainstorm as soon as all of the board members take a seat.

8. Since everyone was so a) participant b) punctual c) confidential we were able to finish the meeting early.

9. We'll be discussing this year's profits at the a) AOB b) AGM c) GAM next month.

10. At the meeting, the MD put forward a) an action b) a caution c) a motion to eliminate all part-time positions.