Do You Hate Grammar?

Answer: Yes, I hate grammar!!!

I hate grammar
You hate grammar
He or she hates grammar
We all hate grammar ...

But incredibly, this may be the fastest way to learn grammar, repetition. Yes, just like school. It's called Deep Learning and, also, Deliberate Practice.

The Romans had a name for it (they always do).

Repetitio mater studiorum est.
Repetition is the mother of all learning.

You should try it.

Wait a moment! But what exactly is Deliberate Practice?

It's a method as old as the Romans and also completely modern. This is what researchers said in 1993:

"Deliberate Practice is a highly structured activity with the specific goal of improving performance."
So, let's look at grammar again.

The problems are: it's hard, it's confusing, almost nobody likes it,  just when you think you know it, you make another mistake, and there is so much to learn, which means that the "natural way", only by conversation or travel, for example, takes a long long time.

The solution?
  1. Study your course book
  2. Learn with your teacher
  3. Go home, do the homework
Then, accelerate your progress like this:
Choose ONE grammar structure that causes you some problems (I am sure your course book is full of these).
Create at least 100 sentences over the next 5-7 days. As always, the more, the better. 
Make sure that each sentence is new and different (don't copy).
That's it? Yes. It's true for grammar, vocabulary, even (especially) for prepositions. Write 100 examples and you will learn.

This is one of the few learning techniques that works every time with every student.

Or your money back!

  • Really focus
  • Be creative, make each sentence different
  • Accept that it will be hard work
  • Just do it!

Here's a very simple example

  1. The book is on the table.
  2. I am on holiday.
  3. The student is on the bus.
  4. She is working on the problem.
  5. The dog is on the floor... on the sofa... on the table :-O

  6. -
  7. And continue.
  8. And continue.
  9. And continue.