TED Talks For Better English


TED Talks are a great way to improve your English and learn something new. These 5 tips will help you learn more and learn faster:

1 Watch without subtitles
Listen for the main ideas.

2 Watch with subtitles
Click on “Subtitles”, select “English”. Listen for more details.

3 Read the transcript
Click on “Interactive transcript”. Read the text, highlight new vocabulary and interesting points.

4 Work on vocabulary
Check new words (8-10 per talk) and write a sentence using each word. Write the words on sticky notes or use a flashcard app like Quizlet to study them. Remember to use the new words in conversations, in your class, in meetings, etc.

5 Learning by teaching
Share your knowledge. In English, summarize the talk for a friend, discuss the topic with a colleague or your teacher.


If you are new to TED Talks, you need to know this:

a) Click on “interactive transcript” to see the full Talk in English. You can click on any word to go directly to that part of the video and hear it. Helpful!

b) If the TED Talk is difficult to understand, you can usually find subtitles in Portuguese to help you.

c) You can search by subject, or you can search by “rating” and select ratings like “fascinating,” “informative” or “inspiring. If you want a short video, you can search for talks that are less than three or five minutes.