Christmas Homework Ideas

Christmas is almost here and 2021 is almost finished and I can't believe it. What a crazy year! 🏁

Classes start again Monday January 10th, so here are some suggestions to stay in contact with English during the holidays 😇

There are some good articles here.

Listening and watching
Do you love Netflix? 📺

Choose a short show, a comedy, maybe a documentary, something "realistic". Choose a scene that you liked. Watch with and then without subtitles. Write down the words that call your attention. Finally, go back and check in the subtitles.

Grammar and Vocabulary
We always recommend the BBC Learning English site. There is so much stuff to improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and more. We like the mini-courses for lower-intermediateintermediateupper-intermediate, and "towards advanced".

Or try 6 Minute English. 100s of lessons you can do in, well, errr..., six minutes... 🤗

Stay up to date with the news
Basic to intermediate: News in English
Intermediate to advanced: Voice of America