Fish and Chips : The Greatest British Invention?

This video quiz is about a fish and chip shop in the Scottish town of Biggar, which was voted the best fish and chip shop in Britain.

Click on play in the centre of the screen to watch. Pause, or "rewind" and watch it again as many times as necessary.

Then, scroll down to do the quiz to check your comprehension.

1)  The chef in the video describes fish and chips as... ?
  1. the most popular dish in the restaurant
  2. the British national dish
  3. the nation's number 1 takeaway
  4. his favourite food
2)  Which of these types of fish was not mentioned?
  1. cod
  2. pollack
  3. mullet
  4. monkfish
3)  The traditional seasoning for fish and chips is... ?
  1. curry sauce
  2. salt and vinegar
  3. salt and pepper
  4. salad cream
4)  What award did the Townend Cafe win?
  1. the golden spud
  2. regional shop of the year
  3. the sustainable fishing award
  4. national fish and chip shop of the year
5)  How many portions of fish and chips are sold in the U.K. every year?
  1. 2.6m
  2. 26m
  3. 206m
  4. 260m
6)  What do people call chips in the U.S.A.?
  1. fries
  2. crisps
  3. frites
  4. chipolata
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