Occupations: what is my job?

ESL Vocabulary Quiz - Occupations (Barbara Donnelly) I-TESL-J
  1. I work on an island. I clean the pool. I feed the fish. I collect the mail. I explore and report back. What is my job? 

Check your Australian visa and then check these other jobs, all available in your city.
  1. I go to court and defend people’s rights.
  2. I work in a hospital and take care of sick people.
  3. I work in a school and help people learn.
  4. You pay me when you buy something at the store.
  5. I take care of sick animals.
  6. I put out fires.
  7. I wear a uniform and a badge. I help keep your neighborhood safe.
  8. I help keep your teeth clean.
  9. I deliver letters and packages to your home.

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