Mr Mortimer notes

Norman turned a bend in the road, and this brought him in view of a building of sorts which stood starkly in the moonlight on top of a rise. He interrupted his song with a gale of mischievous laughter that struck the face of the building and came echoing back to him like a broadcast by the B.B..C. male voice choir. That building on the rise seemed to amuse Norman. He was unique in this respect, for the inhabitants of the countryside regarded it, quite justifiably, as a "blot." It was a hideous, ultra-modern eruption of steel and concrete with a lopsided, ill-balanced tower, and curved corner windows and balconies which looked as though they had been stuck on as an afterthought. The architect by this time had probably been led, quietly but firmly, into the kindly seclusion of Colney Hatch.