Carnival Quiz

Test your grammar, spelling, and vocabulary in this short quiz about the Carnival in Brazil.

  1. Carnival, the most popular celebration in Brazil, represents the ___ soul.
    a. country
    b. countrys'
    c. countrys's
    d. country's

  2. For four days, the joyful atmosphere ___ over the country: from North to South, from East to West.
    a. drizzles
    b. spills
    c. spreads
    d. sprinkles

  3. Carnival originated from the ceremonies in ___ of god Osiris in the ancient Egypt.
    a. concern
    b. honour
    c. treat
    d. addition

  4. Carnival follies usually happen just before ___ (the 40 days period that precedes Easter).
    a. Lent
    b. Thanksgiving
    c. Nativity
    d. Corpus Christi

  5. The samba schools are the ___ attraction in Rio de Janeiro.
    a. main
    b. mane
    c. mayor
    d. mean

  6. Luxury and ___ are intrinsic components of all parades and shows.
    a. beautiful
    b. beauty
    c. wealthy
    d. aesthetic

  7. The ___ and the music captivate millions of people around the world.
    a. customs
    b. customer
    c. costumes
    d. custodies

  8. The samba originated from a ___ the African slaves brought to Brazil.
    a. stanza
    b. rhythm
    c. rhyme
    d. rhythmic

  9. Carnival, ___ in Brazil by the Portuguese, has assimilated local elements, mainly from the black culture from Rio and Bahia.
    a. was introduced
    b. has introduced
    c. introduced
    d. introducing

  10. The escolas de samba parades in Rio are considered the greatest ___ show in the world.
    a. choreographs
    b. choreographing
    c. choreographer
    d. choreographic

  11. The first escolas de samba ___ the beginning of the 30's.
    a. date from
    b. date
    c. have been dating from
    d. are dated

  12. Samba is not only a music ___ but also a Brazilian pop type of dance.
    a. gene
    b. gen
    c. genre
    d. gender

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