Amor In 4 Simple Steps

Why is it so difficult to learn new words?

Ten years ago, I gave a class about this to over 600 teachers in an Oxford University Press conference in São Paulo.
I can tell you now, the secret is AMOR.
With amor, you can learn any word, anywhere, anytime :-)
Try it!

Confused? No problem!

Manual of Amor
1.    Pay Attention

There are new words everywhere online, when you read, watch tv, listen to the radio, or study. Always be learning.

2.    Check Meaning

Use a dictionary or check online. When you understand a word, you will remember it.

3.    Organize the words

Use a notebook. If you don't record the words, who will remind you?

4.    Always Recycle  
Memory starts with the senses. To review words you are learning, use your imagination to make them real.

Well, nobody said amor was easy... These links will help...