How To Control Office Stress ... Before It Controls You

Stress can be a great motivator. We often work better under pressure. But did you ever feel that everything was out of control? Here is a simple tip to help you get in control, feel good, work better, and be more productive ...   do nothing!

Yes, put this at the top of your Things To Do List : Nothing (5mins)

It may be funny, but work stress is a serious topic. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, more than 33% of American workers experience chronic work stress which costs billions of dollars a year in lost work hours and medical bills. More important, it has serious consequences for your quality of life.

Back to today's tip. Doing nothing is more difficult that you think. You can stop moving, but your brain will continue and that can be part of the problem. The solution is to try meditation, Zen at your desk.

Watch this video, complete the gaps in the text, and try the exercise today!

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