Telephone English : Taking A Message

Look at the 9 words or phrases in the conversation. Are they correct? Click to see the alternatives. When you finish, click on the right to see the correct answer. If you made more than 2 mistakes, click RESET and try again!

C:Hi, is this Leslie?
L:Yes. ?
C:It's Cameron here. Is Maria ?
L:No, she just  out for a moment. Can I take a message?
C:Yes, thanks.  ask her to meet me at the Capitol 4 movie theatre at 7 pm tonight?
L:Sure. Just let me write that down. Oh Cameron. Could you  for a second? I have to take another call.
C:No problem.
L:Hi. Sorry about that. Now could you please that information? I didn't have a pen handy.
C:Sure. It's the Capitol 4 theatre at 7 o'clock.
L:Okay, I've got it. Is there anything else?
C:No, that's great.
L:Okay. Uh-oh, there's my other line again. I'd better .
C:Okay, thanks again. Bye for now.


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